President Xi meets IOC's President Bach: China to make sure Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games great success

Join the Design Competition for Beijing 2022 Mascots!

Kate Caithness: Pandas are my favorite animal

Brad Copeland: Be wide open, avoid clichés, and be your creative best

Xavier Gonzalez: Encourage all the young people from China to present their designs for the Paralympic mascot

Zhang Hong: hope everyone can participate and share creative ideas

Li Lingwei: Let's look forward to a wonderful and memorable mascot together

Penny Briscoe: hopefully designers will design mascots that have got culture, color, and fun

Craig Spence: This is your opportunity to create history.

Birgit Skarstein: A Paralympic mascot is the face of the whole movement

Lee Hee-beom: It will be a good chance for young generations

Ser Miang Ng:Encourage all young people in China to express your talents in creativity

Andrew Parsons:Please submit your proposals. We can’t wait to see it

Thomas Bach: Join the design competition for the mascot of the Olympic Winter Games 2022

See You in Beijing in 2022

Love Ski Love Chongli

A glance at preparations for Beijing's Handover Performance Ⅱ

A glance at preparations for Beijing's Handover Performance Ⅰ

IPC President Andrew Parsons Praises Beijing Emblem

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Emblem of Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022

Emblem of Beijing 2022 Paralymic Winter Games

President Xi stressed: China is to deliver "fantastic, extraordinary and excellent" Winter Olympic Games

Xi stresses preparation for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

IOC President Praises Beijing 2022's Commitment to Sustainability in Lima

IOC pleased with preparations for Beijing 2022

Marketing program: Alexis Schäfer

Marketing program:Timo Lumme

Video: Beijing starts collecting emblem designs for 2022 Winter Game

Emblem Design: Dong Ryun Chang (KOR)

Emblem Design: Beth Lula (BRA)

Emblem Design: Prof. He Jie (CHN)

Emblem Design: Prof. Wang Min (CHN)

Emblem Design: Prof. Song Jianming (CHN)

Emblem Design: Theodora Mantzaris (GRE)

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