Ecological restoration in Beijing 2022 Yanqing competition zone 94% completed

Source:Xinhua10/01/2021 12:41

A total of 2.02 million square meters of ecological restoration has been completed in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games' Yanqing competition zone, accounting for 94 percent of the plan, the local government said on Thursday.

In the early stage of venue construction, Yanqing had carried out an investigation of the status and potential impact of animal and plant resources, and identified 175 ecological restoration plots, said Liu Nali, head of the ecological construction team for the Yanqing competition zone.

In order to enhance professionalism, Yanqing invited more than 20 experts to form an expert advisory group to seek solutions to major challenges in the ecological construction of the Winter Olympic Games.

Under the guidance of experts, the construction team formed scientific ecological restoration plans for the complex of plots. A variety of advanced technologies have been used to restore the ecology in the core area of the Yanqing competition area, and 70,000 arbors and 310,000 shrubs have been planted.

"We will further strengthen overall planning and coordination, speed up the process of ecological restoration, and complete the ecological restoration projects to a high standard," said Liu.

Located in northern Beijing, more than 70 percent of Yanqing District is mountainous. The region will play host to Alpine skiing, bobsleigh and luge competitions during the 2022 Games.