Global Recruitment of Young Filmmakers for Beijing 2022 Official Film Q&A

Source:Beijing 202222/09/2020 10:55

The Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing 2022”) launched its Global Recruitment of Young Filmmakers for Beijing 2022 Official Film on 21 September 2020, coinciding with the 500-day countdown to the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. The programme was hosted by the Media and Communications Department of Beijing 2022, organised by Cultural Investment Holdings Co., Ltd and supported by the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage. Beijing 2022 sincerely invites enthusiastic, talented, and creative young filmmakers all over the world to join us in making the official film for Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games.

The official Olympic film is a precious documentary that records the Olympic Games. Since the Stockholm 1912 Games, making an official film has become a tradition for every edition of Olympic Games. Up till now, more than 40 official films have been made. However, it is the first time for the Organising Committee to invite young filmmakers all around the world to join the film crew.

Since the launch of the recruitment programme, many young filmmakers have submitted their applications or contacted us for more detailed information. Some of them are members of the Sochi 2014 official film crew. Some come from Stockholm, where the first official film was produced.

In addition to the submitted entries, we have also received many inquiries. The questions and concerns most commonly asked about are sorted out and answers are provided as follows, which may come in handy and help the potential applicants learn more about the recruitment rules and requirements.

Q1. Which entry documents are required? Does the applicant need to submit the entry documents and short film together?

A1: The applicant is required to submit an Application Form, a Letter of Commitment, a link to the short film, a brief commentary and identity document of the applicant. The script of the short film is a supporting document that the applicant may choose to submit at his/her discretion. All the required documents and supporting document (optional) shall be submitted via one email.

Q2. Can one short film be submitted for directing/cinematography/editing simultaneously?

A2: Yes, one short film can be submitted for directing/cinematography/editing simultaneously, but for each field of expertise a brief commentary shall be submitted. The review and selection shall be conducted as per the submitted short film. The awarded applicants may distribute their bonus at their own discretion if there are two or more applicants for one entry, and any dispute therefrom has nothing to do with Beijing 2022, the IOC, or the IPC.

Q3. How many short films can one applicant submit?

A3: There is no limitation on the quantity of short films submitted by one applicant. The applicant may choose to submit one or more original short films.

Q4. Can the applicant submit his/her ID number instead of the identity document?

A4: In the case of a natural person with Chinese nationality, a scanned copy of the Resident Identity Card or other valid identity document shall be submitted; in the case of a natural person with foreign nationality or a stateless natural person, a scanned copy of passport or other valid identity document shall be submitted.

Q5. What content shall be included in the applicant’s commentary?

A5: The applicant’s commentary shall include a brief introduction of the submitted short film and an explanation of its conceptual creation (such as the selection of shots and the logic of editing).

Q6. Can the applicant submit a short film which is edited from video clips downloaded from the Internet?

A6: No. The submitted short film must be original.

Q7. Are there any requirements on the theme and features of the short film? Does it have to be sport-related?

A7: The short film shall be an original biography drama or biography documentary of any theme, preferably on winter sports. The entry shall be judged more on its quality than its theme.

Q8. If I want to recommend the programme to my foreign friends, how can they learn more about it?

A8: The recruitment programme is open to young filmmakers all over the world. For more details in English, please visit the website:

Q9. Is there any entry fee?

A9: There is no entry fee for the applicant. We look forward to receiving your entries.

For more details of Global Recruitment of Young Filmmakers for Beijing 2022 Official Film, please visit the Beijing 2022 official website:

The applicant shall submit his/her original short film (which is directed, filmed or edited mainly by the applicant, and has never been released on any public platforms) together with his/her entry documents via email to by 21 December 2020.

We look forward to receiving your entries.