Introduction of the Olympic Official Films

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The Olympic official films are documentaries of the Olympic Games produced by related institutions under requirements set by Olympic Organising Committees of host cities. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) demands the Organising Committees to do so following the Olympic Charter. The production of Official Film has been a convention since Stockholm 1912. The term Olympic Films was officially introduced in 1948. Till now more than forty official films have been produced, covering both the Summer and Winter Games.

These films have faithfully recorded the history of the Olympic Games in the past century. Featured with artistic and humanistic value, they are also video documents that transcend language boundaries.

Tokyo Olympiad, the Tokyo 1964 Official Film directed by Kon Ichikawa, created a new form of expression by focusing on psychological level instead of realistic level. This breakthrough makes this film of great historical value, broadening the horizons from the sporting games to spiritual bond between people on and off the court.

Los Angeles 1984 Official Film 16 Days of Glory tells stories of athletes off the field for the first time.

Barcelona 1992 Official Film Marathon was directed by Carlos Saura. It takes a marathon race as the main thread and compared running to an ever-accelerating dance, highlighting the inner rhythm of the Olympic Games. Meanwhile, it’s adopted also narrator’s commentary which is commonly used in traditional documentaries to makes the film easy-understanding and suitable for worldwide distribution.

As the Olympic spirit takes root in people’s hearts, the Olympic official films is turning more culturally diverse. Days of Truce for Rio 2016 puts spotlights on various individuals such as taxi drivers in the city, sports stars, and members of the first Refugee Olympic team. The Olympic official films are not only records of the competition, but also epitomes of the time.

IOC has always considered the official films as an important cultural legacy for its historical and artistic value. In 2016, IOC completed a twelve-year restoration project to ensure the long-term preservation of all the most important masterpieces.

The Everlasting Flame, Beijing 2008 Official Film, is also part of the treasure trove. During the six-month shooting period, this film witnesses the emergence of heroic medalists and the realizing of China’s century-long Olympic dream. The film was released as the closing film of the 33rd Montreal World Film Festival and awarded with a special prize.

The preparation of Beijing 2022 Official Film is underway. To introduce new talents to the international film industry and enrich the cultural diversity of the film crew of the official film, Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games has launched the global recruitment of young filmmakers. Beijing 2022’s inviting creative and enthusiastic new forces to participate in the shooting of the Beijing 2022 Official Film.

More details for the recruitment:

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