Panpan Foods Announced as the Official Packaged Snack Foods Sponsor of Beijing 2022 Games

来源:Beijing 20222020年10月21日 14:46

Panpan Foods was announced as the Official Packaged Snack Foods Sponsor of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 (hereinafter referred to as Beijing 2022 Games) at a ceremony held at the headquarters of Beijing Organising Committee of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (hereinafter referred to as Beijing 2022) on 21 October 2020. Zhang Jiandong, Vice Mayor of Beijing and Executive Vice President of Beijing 2022, and Cai Jin’an, Chairman of the Board of Panpan Foods, attended the ceremony. Han Zirong, Vice President (Full Time) and Secretary General of Beijing 2022, congratulated Panpan Foods on becoming the Official Sponsor of Beijing 2022 Games and expressed her high expectation for the partnership. “We expect Panpan Foods to provide Beijing 2022 Games with high-quality, healthy, and safe products,” she said.

Panpan Foods Announced as the Official Packaged Snack Foods Sponsor of Beijing 2022 Games

Established at Jinjiang, Fujian province in 1996, Panpan Foods has benefited from the “Jinjiang Experience” and upheld integrity as its principle of developing business. Cai assured the audience that Panpan Foods will draw on its own strengths and provide consumers with more nutritious, healthy and delicious products. “Panpan Foods takes innovation as its core competitiveness by applying first-class production lines and establishing a top-notch R&D expert team,” Cai added.

As of 21 October 2020, Beijing 2022 has signed 35 corporate sponsors. A total of 10 Official Partners have been signed, including Bank of China, Air China, Yili Group, ANTA, China Unicom, Shougang Group, CNPC, Sinopec Group, State Grid and PICC Group. A total of 11 Official Sponsors have been signed, including Tsingtao Beer, Yanjing Beer, Arawana, Shunxin, Cultural Investment Holdings, Beijing Beiao Group and HYX, Qi-AnXin, Yuanfudao Online Education, Yum China, and Panpan Foods. Eight Official Exclusive Suppliers have also been signed, namely, EF Education First, iFLYTEK, China Post, Hylink, Snickers, Hongyuan Group, 3TREES, and Dongdao. And six Official Suppliers have been signed, namely, PWC, Suirui, Kingsoft, 1rock Technology, BGCTV and HBTN.