Message on the Publication of Sustainability Plan for Beijing 2022 Games

Source:Beijing 202215/05/2020 10:07

Zhang Jiandong, Executive Vice President of Beijing 2022 and Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipality

(15 May 2020)

Dear friends,

Let me begin by extending, on behalf of Beijing 2022, our heartfelt gratitude to you for your attention and support to our work on Games preparations.

Sustainable development is not only a common goal for global development defined by the United Nations, but also a national strategy rolled out by the Chinese government. The IOC and IPC have been actively championing the concept of sustainability by identifying it as one of the three key pillars of the Olympic Agenda 2020, and requiring it being integrated into every aspect of Games preparations.

Beijing 2022 puts sustainability high on its agenda and regards it as an indispensable element of staging a “green, inclusive, open and clean” Games and implementing reforms introduced in the Olympic Agenda 2020. We have:

· Established the Leading Group for Beijing 2022 Sustainability Work and the Sustainability Advisory Commission to mobilize all resources and push ahead the sustainability work on all fronts;

· Focused on the sustainable development of environment, economy, and society and achieved multiple innovations by giving full play to the Sustainability Management System (SMS);

· Integrated the construction of sustainable venues into the improvement of its surrounding environment so that the newly-constructed ice venues and non-competition venues conform to the 3-star Green Building Assessment Standard. The gap of lacking an Evaluation Standard for Green Snow Venues across the globe is bridged;

· Pioneered the application of low-carbon technologies by introducing carbon dioxide refrigerants to the Olympic Games for the first time.

Message on the Publication of Sustainability Plan for Beijing 2022 Games—Zhang Jiandong

At the same time, the preparations of the Beijing 2022 Games are fully integrated into the national strategy of promoting the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Work has been proceeded smoothly on sand control, water and air pollution control, and creating a greener environment. The Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway and Beijing-Chongli Expressway have been opened to traffic to facilitate the rapid development of industries such as ice and snow manufacturing and cultural tourism. A number of public service facilities in healthcare and education sector have been put in place.

We have achieved joint prevention and treatment on preserving ecological environment, transport connectivity, complementary industrial developments, and shared public services to deliver tangible benefits brought by the Olympic Winter Games to people.

To strengthen the top-level design and coordinate the sustainability work of the Beijing 2022, under the guidance of the IOC and IPC, we have formulated the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Sustainability Plan, which will be released on the official website of Beijing 2022 today. IOC Vice President Mr. Samaranch Jr. and IPC President Mr. Parsons both congratulated us on the release of the Plan and recognised our ideas and initiatives via video, of which we are very thankful.

The Plan identifies the vision of “Sustainability for the Future” and three key themes of “Positive Environmental Impact”, “New Development for the Region”, and “Better Life for the People” which are supported by 12 actions, 37 key tasks and 119 specific measures.

We will work together with authorities at all levels, stakeholders in all sectors, and the public to implement those measures. By integrating with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy and the long-term plan in this region, we will push for regional eco-environment improvement, economic development and social progress so as to meet people’s aspiration for a better life. We will set an example to reflect the positive interaction and win-win development between the Olympic Movement and the Host City.

Dear friends, the sustainability work of the Beijing 2022 Games cannot yield fruits without your involvement. Together, we can carry forward the Olympic spirit, translate sustainability into action, deliver a fantastic, extraordinary, and excellent Games to the world, and leave significant Olympic legacy to build a better future.

Thank you.