Notification on Result Query for Written Exam and Second-round of Qualification Review

Source:Beijing 202221/04/2017 17:56

As the written exam for Beijing 2022 First Open Recruitment has been read and marked, now it is hereby notified as follows concerning matters on result query and qualification review for the qualified candidates from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan of China and foreign countries:

I. Result Query

Please log on the website: for results.

II. Qualification Review

The qualified candidate is the person who has duly received phone calls from Beijing 2022 to invite her/him for the second-round of qualification review.

The qualified candidate is required to submit the documents specified herein to Beijing 2022 via no later than 18:00 PM, April 25, 2017.

1. Scanned color copy or photo of valid ID card (Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, Taiwan Compatriot Pass) of both sides; Or the scanned picture page of the passport, etc.

2. Scanned color copy or photo of certificates of diplomas and degrees at undergraduate level or above.

3. Professional credentials, scanned color copy or photo.

4. The completed Resume Form in electronic format.

5. Other documents supporting your working experience, including social security records, contracts and letter of appointment, scanned color copy or photo.

III. Important

1. The candidates shall ensure that the documents submitted are true, accurate and complete. For those who have failed in submission on time or whose documents submitted are not consistent with the post she/he applied for, she/he shall be removed from the list of interviewees.

2. Specifications for the scanned copy: image resolution: ≥200DPI, ratio:1:1, format: JPEG/PDF; photo shall be taken as clear as recognizable.

3. Subject of email: “documents for qualification review, name + intended post”. For scanned copies or photos, their naming shall be in following sequence: 1. valid ID card; 2. certificates of diploma & degree; 3. professional credentials; 4. resume form, and 5. others. All these documents shall be sent in a zipped package.

For further information, please call us at 010-66680938.


(Please download the Rusume by computer.)

Beijing Organising Committee

for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

April 21, 2017


Working experience shall be filled out from the start date of career in chronological order and without any gap in between. Full names of the employer (s) and the post (s) shall be provided.